Levi’s Curve ID

Levi’s new Curve ID jeans are based on the simple and obvious yet overlooked premise that not all women share the same degree of curves.   And with the word “curves” we’re talking shape – not weight.   Women with the same waist and length measurements can widely vary in hip and seat measurements, but most jeans styles don’t reflect this. A size that is supposed to fit you won’t because they style doesn’t match your body type.

Its important to stress this right away – the Curve ID isn’t about plus size jeans.   Its about changing the amount of room in the hips and thighs while keeping the waist size the same!   This is a new way of looking at jeans.

The core of the Levi’s Curve ID concept is the waist to seat ratio.    Given the same size waist, Levis changes the measurement in the seat and thighs to produce a more perfect fit for your curves – narrow or wide.   For example,  woman with narrow hips will often buy jeans that fit her in the butt and thighs but are often too tight in the waist.  The jeans are cut too big for her curves, pinching in at the waist.   She winds up going up a size in waist, only to have the jeans look baggy.

Levis Curve ID comes in 4 different fits:  Slight Curve, Demi Curve, Bold Curve and Supreme Curve, each increasing the seat measurements as the waist and length stay the same.     Remember you can have a tiny waist and wear the Bold Curve.   You can have a large waist and wear the Slight Curve.  Its not about how big you are, its about the difference between your waist and seat measurements.

Likely you have a pretty good idea which fit will fit your body right.  But if you want to know for sure Levi’s has a page to measure yourself or a quiz you can take.   You can also go to one of their stores for a measurement if there is one near you.  Levi’s website prices are much higher then you’d get at other retailers.  And whenever you’re going to buy jeans you haven’t tried before always buy from a website with free returns.

Now each fit Slight, Curve, Demi and Bold comes in an assortment of styles.   Each fit has styles such as skinny/slim jeans, a straight cut, flare and a bootcut.  Most styles are available in Low Rise or Mid Rise.   Being a newer line, there isn’t as wide a selection of colors as some of Levi’s more popular jeans.   And Levi’s is keeping the selection outside its website limited.     Levi’s sells most fits, styles and colors for between $68-$98 on their website, buy you can buy Curve ID jeans for less then $50 at Amazon.